CHUKKA - Lace-up boot with only two to three eyelets on each side.

A Little History

Chukka boots originate from the polo sport: a “chukka,” a segment of seven minutes, is the unit of time by which polo matches are measured; a match will consist of four, six, or eight chukkas.

The Prince of Wales playing polo in 1924 - Photo courtesy of

Some say chukkas resemble shorter versions of the boots worn by polo players. People also say that Chukkas are intended to be comfortable after-game footwear for polo players–like the original Uggs were for surfers.

How to Identify

Chukkas are ankle-length boots with few eyelets. The absence of many eyelets and the short shaft allow for a snug fit that won’t disrupt the shape of one’s trouser legs. Also, Chukkas have a rounded toe, minimal stitching, and open lacing (similar to the derby). They are traditionally made of soft suede, but there are now many versions from which to choose.

Desert boots are a much more casual, rubber-soled version of the Chukka boot.

How to Wear

These are the most casual shoes we’ll discuss in this article. Chukkas are not appropriate for formal attire, though pairs made of high-quality leather can complement a smart-casual ensemble. Both chukkas and desert boots are exceptional for smart-casual.

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