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The Eureka Moment

It was on a winter day of 2013 in the historic streets of Istanbul that the Foremen story begins. Beyond the world heritage structures of Hagia Sophia and the Blue mosque, we noticed how stylish and elegant the residents were, everything fit like a glove. Their shoes were well structured, high quality and aesthetics were paramount with no detail left to chance. In this city, they took their fashion seriously.

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The Mission

It was with this realization that we wondered how come we never had this great culture back home. The answer was simple, pricing. We discovered one thing, Kenya was full of fake brands and imitators, and the few original brands were way overpriced, not because of high production costs but the number of unnecessary middle men, each whom had to factor in their mark up to make a profit. This raised the prices to every customer by an average 355%.

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The Team

We took it upon ourselves to rectify this and thus the Foremen mission started; to make premium shoes at affordable price. We went on an undertaking to find the best shoe makers in Istanbul, cutting out the unnecessary agents. We knew we had to be in control of the designs to suit our market. After many seasons of trial and testing we finally met the Eylül family, one of the finest shoe making families in Turkey, going back generations and creators of some of the most fashionable brands in the world. We were instantly struck by their well held traditions in shoe making called “kisayol yok”, meaning never compromising, on the quality of the materials or craftsmanship. Every calf skin is taken through a series of meticulous quality checks to ensure consistency in the texture, agility and fiber distribution. They understood our mission. With their dedicated team of talented in-house designers, we have successfully collaborated on commissions and produced the highest and finest quality shoes that draw an aura of elegance and sophistication in equal measures.

The Solution
With quest accomplished we went one step further. To ensure that we are also in control of our customer experience we chose to go exclusively online, this not only cut the overhead costs on rentals and eliminate copy cats, but also maintain consistent high standards at every point of touch with all our clients regardless of their location.
Foremen cost of production vs other luxury brandsIt is through these requisite steps that we have been able to ensure that we deliver premium high quality shoes at affordable prices. We maintain an open communication with our clients and engage in best practices such as easy exchange policies to keep our client satisfaction paramount. We observe a philosophy of Kaizen, meaning to continuously improve in every department to provide first class products and services. Slide into a pair and elevate your shoe game.
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